Brian Vagnoni on 2 Oct 2008 06:11:53 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] help with filling a sysadmin position

Though he did ask for advice; an opportunity to someone 
hungry for a position should always be welcome here. 

While I more or less agree with some of what was stated 
here I think you should be looking for someone willing 
to put in the time. Though some would say you should be
able to get your work done in forty hours IT is rarely
so kind. You cannot walk out on a down server just because
it's 5 o'clock. You cannot say I won't come in on Sunday
if there is trouble on the network. You have to be there, 
you have to show up. 

Communication skills though certainly very important I 
find are extremely subjective. Some managers want to know
everything down to the smallest detail. Others want a
one line assessment of the situation. That's something 
that can be learned.

If you are teachable and some people aren't than there 
are no limits as to where you can go.

If we were all judged by syntax errors none of us would
have a career.

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