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Re: [PLUG] help with filling a sysadmin position

************************* wrote: 

> and your street address is ... ?

Here is their other address

95 Lexington Ave, Suite 3B, New York, 
New York (NY), 10016, USA

That's all the recon I care to do.

Why their local address isn't just out there begs the 

Michael Leone Wrote:

> Let's not over-analyze an ad. Yes, it's nice to have the street address;
> it helps. Does it make or break your decision to try for this job? 

I agree but why hide it if you are a business. Honestly, if
someone here really wanted it all you need is the phone number.
I do hear the security argument but again if someone really wanted
it they would get it. So just include it in your whois record.
Appearences are everything for both the job applicatant as well
as the perspective employer. For someone looking for qualified IT 
candidates to think they aren't going to do all sorts of Information
Recon is just silly. I check out every company up & down way 
before I send my resume.

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