Matt Liggett on 9 Oct 2008 18:06:32 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] SOCKS5 in Ubuntu 8.04

On Thu, Oct 09, 2008 at 08:40:34PM -0400, Brian Stempin wrote:
> I'm a big fan of using ssh to create SOCKS5 proxies (via ssh -D xxxx
> someuser@someserver) to secure my wireless and untrusted connections.  In
> Ubuntu, there is a panel for setting global proxy settings (System->
> Preferences-> Network Proxy).  Within this panel, I can set a SOCKS5 proxy,
> but I can't set SOCKS5 as the *only* proxy.  This is a problem, because I
> found that certain applications, such as Pidgin, won't work with my SOCKS5
> proxy unless I explicitly set it to do so from within Pidgin.  How can I
> configure my system so that I can forward all traffic through this proxy,
> without having to configure each individual application?

If you have root on both ends, you might consider setting up full IP
tunneling using the tun(4) drivers.  See the documentation for the
'-w' switch in the ssh manpage for a start.  Between this and
configuring your sshd to listen on port 443, it is possible to punch
your way out of just about any hostile network you can find.

With an OS X kernel extension, this also works between OS X and Linux.

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