Jason on 15 Oct 2008 06:21:09 -0700

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[PLUG] FS: eee PC 1000

I've got one here, it's neato and all, but I'm more hot to trot for
the new MacBook.  Sure, it's a pound heavier, but it also runs OS X,
as well as Linux.. :)  Sure, i could hackintosh this thing, but I'd
rather not...

It's the 1000 model, the 40GB SSD one, that ships with the modified
Xandros on it.  I did some testing for some customers with Xandros as
well as Ubuntu.  In the end, they decided to go with 1000h models and
have their Windows guy spin a custom XP build for it.  Not surprising
in the end..  So now, I've got no real use for this machine.

Right now, I've got a USB DVD drive connected to it, restoring it to
factory new.

I've also got a 2GB SO-DIMM that could go inside, as well as an Intel
WiFi Link 5300 MiniPCIe card that can go inside, in place of the
standard Ralink wifi card.  Why the Intel?  Better range, takes less
power to run it, also works on 802.11a networks (the ralink is a b/g/n
card).  The Intel card has 3 antenna connectors, and I've got an
additional antenna that's very small and will fit inside the system,
if you're so inclined.

Brand new, they're going for $499 on Newegg.  I've had it about a
month, and would like to get $400.  If you want the extra RAM, I'll
ask for another $25, and if you want the Intel wifi card, I'll ask for
another $50.

The WiFi Link 5300 is supported out of the box in kernel 2.6.27, which
is in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex, and Fedora Core 10.  If you want to use
Hardy Heron, or something else, there are backported drivers
available, along with 5000-series firmware.  It worked under Hardy as
well, using those drivers.

Please email me directly, and don't bother the rest of the list. :)

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