Dan Widyono on 16 Oct 2008 19:40:38 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] rsync error message

> Does this mean that I [have to|should] run rsync as root?

That Depends (TM) (although my opinion is you should not HAVE TO run as

Test and see if you can manually chgrp.  I suspect you can't.

In that case you must ask yourself if you care about the group ownership of
the files (whether or not they must exactly match those of the source).

	If so, then you need to find out whether or not you are a member of
	the group in question.  I suspect not.

		If so, then SAMBA is likely confused.  I field this to
		someone with more knowledge in that venue.

		If not, you can add yourself to that group, run rsync as
		root, or run it as a member of the group which also has write
		permissions to the target directory.  Note: I believe it
		matters how SAMBA is configured to look up groups.

	If you care about group ownership but don't want to change much,
	perhaps SAMBA's "force group" directive will be useful.

	If you don't care at all about group ownership, then use
	"rsync -rlptoDv" instead (that's like -av but without -g).

If instead you can manually chgrp, then again I'll field this to someone else
with more knowledge of the vagaries of Linux Lore.

Dan W.

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 08:27:15PM -0400, Eric wrote:
> I'm using rsync to synchronize some data directories like this:
> rsync -av Sample ~/POLARIS/eric/Business/
> and I keep getting errors like this:
> rsync: chgrp "/home/eric/POLARIS/eric/Business/Sample/RAND/.crontab.l.25lEFd" 
> failed: Permission denied (13)
> (This is on Linux and the destination (POLARIS) is a Samba share.)
> Does this mean that I [have to|should] run rsync as root?
> Eric
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