Bob Heise on 16 Oct 2008 20:55:11 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Anybody using KDE 4.1.2?

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 6:14 PM, Casey Bralla <> wrote:
> KDE 4.1.2 was just released into the Gentoo unstable Branch as a update for
> KDE 3.5.x.
> I'm very happy with 3.5, and have heard some ominous things about KDE 4.0, but
> not much about the more recent releases.    I generally enjoy living on the
> bleeding edge, so I don't mind having to put up with some minor annoyances.
> But I'm wondering how the KDE 4 experience is.

I have been using KDE4 (with opensuse) on my home and work computers
since months. It at least meets my needs. You should try it out,
though I will say you did well to skip 4.0.

> Does it still have the multiple desktops that I use so much?


> Does it integrate compiz into the window manager? (I always had trouble making
> compiz work)

Compositing is enabled by default if possible. I only had to do a
1-click install, but you probably will have to enable compiz manually,
I'm sure gentoo has some sort of tutorial for that in their forums.

> Is it too "weird"?

I don't think so. It really does behave similar to its predecessor.
Obviously there are some programs that haven't been ported to their
kde4 versions yet, but the kde3 version still works, so you don't
really lose anything.


> I'd appreciate any comments from early adopters.
> PS:  Since I'll probably become an early adopter this weekend (Hey, ya gotta
> live dangerously!), if nobody has any comments now, I'll probably make some
> soon.
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