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Re: [PLUG] KDE 4.1.2 Verdict

stretchoutandwait wrote:
On Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 2:12 PM, Casey Bralla <MailList@nerdworld.org> wrote:
So I'm back to 3.5.x.   Unfortunately, changing to 4.1.2 completely wiped out
all my 3.5.x menus, so I have to completely rebuild them.  Even the
customizations I added to my konqueror toolbar are mystery gone now.

Yeah, I also noticed some weirdness with my 3.5 menus, but after
switching back to KDE3's kdm, all of my 3.5 settings were back (I
think it was going back to kdm3, or maybe the complete restart of X).
I'm using gentoo, also.  I've gotta agree that 4.1.2 wasn't quite at
the level I'd hoped, but then, 3.5.10 is the result of how many years
of bug crunching?  Many.  I'm confident that 4 will get there, too.
Ok, so I decided to take the leap to KDE4 when Intrepid came out.  I've been running Feisty for ages now so I needed to upgrade anyways.  I'm back on 8.04.1 now, but at least I know something:  I love KDE for it's configuration options.  I'm the kind of guy who has 12 different kicker applets and 4 kicker panels on my dual-screen setup.  KDE4 seemed like it had a lot of potential, but it didn't allow me to tweak it to within an inch of it's life, so that it behaved exactly how I wanted it to.  I couldn't Ctrl+tab to cycle through a workspace list (the option was supposedly there but no list appeared).  I couldn't

Add to that a few minor graphical issues and I was ready to switch after trying it for less than a day.  I'm usually more open to different and new things but I also like to be able to bend things to do my bidding, and KDE4 made me feel even worse than Gnome in that regard.  I'm sure that if the same people who did KDE 3 keep working on KDE 4 it will have all the config options I want and more soon enough, but right now I'm sticking with 3.5.


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