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Re: [PLUG] Anybody using KDE 4.1.2?

On Thursday 16 October 2008, Eric wrote:
> 	Somebody decided that leaving icons on the desktop is sort-of a
> 	"Windows" thing to do... so they flat-out prohibited it.
> 	You CAN put an icon on the desktop without using a Widgets
> 	but, trust me, you don't want to do that.  It's an indirect
> 	process - worse than useless for regular use.

It is hardly "prohibited".  Rather, the desktop just operates differently from 
previous KDE versions.  More below.

> 	The familiar things are fairly well hidden.  For example, if
> 	you don't like the new menu structure then you just remove the
> 	Application launcher widget and drop in the "Traditional"
> 	Application launcher.  Thanks....   now I'm a "traditionalist" :-)

Since many don't particularly like the new menu, as I didn't at first, the 
original menu can be restored simply by right-clicking on the icon and 
choosing "Switch to Classic Menu Style".  Though since I have given it a try, 
I find the favourites and search bar make it actually quite nice.  Still, 
there are better things coming.
> When I complained that I (occasionally, honest!) like to drop icons on the
> desk while working on a project I was told to use a widget called "Folder
> View". Folder view allows you to see the contents of a folder in a
> sort-of-shaded window on the desktop.  Unfortunately, it behaves kind of
> like a permanently open window on your desktop.  Worse, you have to add the
> widget and then configure it so don't expect it to be something you'd do
> routinely as part of a work-oriented task.  How this is better than leaving
> icons on one's desktop I'll never know

Why not just leave the folder view on your desktop?  I have it (among other 
things) displaying my home, so it's easy to get to my files.  Just have a big 
folder view lying around pointing to some folder where you can drop your 
icons.  I don't see how this can cause so much turmoil.

> My impression is that some really smart (but not exactly customer focused)
> developers got a "rod" for desktop icons and managed to hijack the rest of
> the KDE team to go along with it.  If they did not want desktop icons then
> they don't have to use them but to effectively prohibit them is, in my
> opinion, ignorant elitism.

Nobody expected anyone would be so militant about desktop icons.  Nobody 
hijacked anything, and I would rather not talk about Aaron Seigo's "rod".  
While the folder view works very well, the developers have heard the concerns 
and 4.2 will have a mode where folder view will be the entire desktop, 
effectively replicating the old "icon dumping ground" desktop.  So please save 
the inflammatory rhetoric for cable news.

> Bottom line?  I say install it (as well as 3.5) and try it out.  There are,
> as I note, many things to like.  I'm looking forward to 4.2 and beyond. 
> You may also discover (as I have) that Gnome (which I abandoned years ago)
> is not as bad as it once was.  And at least they don't tell you the "right"
> way to do your work :-)

Actually, GNOME has been famous for requiring the user have the "right" 
behaviour since at least Gnome 2.  They created a HIG without input from 
usability engineers and enforced it rigidly, burying any lost functionality in 
gconf.  If there's something that KDE 4 doesn't do for you, chances are it's a 
technical limitation, not an arbitrary policy.

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