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Re: [PLUG] MBSFW Happy Soon To Be Halloween

In the message dated: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 13:11:56 EDT,
The pithy ruminations from "Jason Stelzer" on 
<Re: [PLUG] MBSFW Happy Soon To Be Halloween> were:


=> So, since you can't please everyone all the time, offend as many
=> people as possible. Remember, every day is a new opportunity to do
=> something that shames your mother.

In this case, it's not my mother that I'm concerned about, but the people who 
read the reports generated by the corporate firewall & content filtering system 
here at $WORK.

I didn't looked at the site in question, because the acronym was unclear (or 
at least, unclear enough that it wasn't worth my spending brain-cycles on to 
figure out whether I should go to the site from work), and it seemed to be 
off-topic, based on the Subject and tone.

Remember, if you do post a link, you should be aware that issues of propriety 
may not be judged solely by the members of the list, but by 3rd parties, like 
Bluecoat or Websense.

Generally, those services have no sense of humor, and having one's desktop PC 
at $WORK show up too often in the web filtering logs can often be a bad thing.

=> On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 12:53 PM, Brian Vagnoni <> wrote:
=> > -----Original Message-----
=> > From: Walt Mankowski
=> >
=> >
=> >>How can you tell?  Certainly not by >>her fashion taste.  And by that
=> >>logic, is it ok to post images of
=> >>strippers and porn stars?
=> >
=> > A model named Riven, | Sedcard von Riven
=> >
=> > There is a line between art and pr0n. In europe stuff like that is considered art. I won't ent
=> er into a debate about this however.
=> >
=> > If this was christmas morning or easter or some other faith based holiday I would question the
=>  appropriateness of this. But it is close to Halloween, people have Halloween decorations out, i
=> t's that time of year.
=> >
=> > So in the spirit(pun intended) of the holiday I decided to share with the group something that
=>  I thought was cool, inline with the holiday as well as something to do with linux as well as ev
=> eryones favorite distro.
=> >
=> > I meant no harm or foul. I also and as a matter of fact didn't analy explore every millimeter 
=> of the site with zoom.
=> >
=> > Regardless I still wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween.
=> >
=> >
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