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Re: [PLUG] Static or Dynamic IP Address?

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 17:49, Casey Bralla <> wrote:
> I'm going to make the plunge to a "business" class Internet account in which
> my ISP will graciously allow me to run any and all servers.  I have been
> illegally running DNS, mail, and web server on my comcast residential
> account, but comcast is getting more and more aggressive filtering ports, so
> I'm getting fed up with finding work-arounds.  (Some of the work-arounds cost
> money, and my accounts for those are running out next month.)
> Due to the nature of a competitive free market, the cost of phone, TV, and
> Internet is coming down, so that the incremental cost of a business account
> is offset by the savings of bundling... if I go with a dynamic IP.   If I
> elect to take a single static IP, the total cost goes up, which makes it a
> tough sell to my wife who keeps seeing the FiOS and comcast ads on TV and
> dreams of big savings.
> So far, FiOS is the better deal, but even though I am not a fan of comcast, at
> least they are "the devil I know" whereas FiOS is mostly unknown.
> My residential comcast account theoretically has a dynamic IP, but it has been
> very stable, only changing once in 4 years.  (interestingly, if I plug a
> different NIC into the cable modem, the IP changes, but if I put the original
> NIC back in, it reverts to the original IP.  Must be some kind of algorithm
> to assign IPs that looks at the MAC address.)
> The only difficulty I've had with the dynamic IP is that Reverse DNS lookups
> don't resolve back to me.  This has only hurt for outgoing eMail, where this
> reverse DNS is often needed as an anti-spam tool by the receiving mail
> server.   To overcome this, I've been relaying my outgoing mail through
> comcast's eMail server without any problems.
> So my plan as of now is to buy FiOS business class with a dynamic IP.  But
> maybe somebody could help me with some particulars:
> 1.  How often does the IP actually change?  (Any period longer than a few
> months is fine for me)
> 2.  Will Verizon let me relay through their mail servers, or are their free
> services that will relay?  (I'll have a half-dozen domains that will be
> sending low volumes of eMail.)
> 3.  Any other gotchas I need to worry about with FiOS?
> 4.  Any other suggestions for how to proceed?
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You could always just use a VPS service.  Depending on your hardware
requirements for your service, you can get a VPS with full root access
for $7 - $30 / month.  Definitely something to consider and much
cheaper than the business class service from Comcast or FiOS.

I use Webkeepers and they have been quite reliable.
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