Gordon Dexter on 22 Oct 2008 05:31:57 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Static or Dynamic IP Address?

Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
>                            ||
>                            \/
> According to the people I spoke to at Verizon, incoming ports 80 and 25 are 
> blocked on *ALL* dynamic accounts, even business ones.  However, when they 
> were selling me my residential service, they also assured me those same ports 
> would be open, so I'd recommend you try to find someone who has a dynamic 
> business account to make sure.
Reminds me of the only quote I ever got onto bash.org:
<Ich> Why are you hosting on port 666?
<Texasdex> just for the hell of it

Port 666 was the first one that came to mind (I now use 1234 so I can 
send it to relatives) but the real reason I was using such a weird port 
is because Verizon always blocked incoming port 80.  Not 443, so if you 
have a decent cert you can sort of but not quite get around it, but it's 
just been a pain.  From what I vaguely remember reading when I first 
tried to bypass it, they started doing this ages ago when Code Red was 
spreading, and conveniently haven't stopped.

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