Floyd Johnson on 27 Oct 2008 17:59:55 -0700

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[PLUG] Verizon ADSL outage?

Did anyone else in Philly experience a PPP failure with VZ's residential DSL at around 2:15 Monday afternoon? Call me paranoid, but I suspect in my gut that the failure to reach the DSL PPP server (or at least that's what the supplied Westell 6100 is telling me; DSL line protocol-DSLAM?-is okay) was not limited to just one West Philly (52nd & Girard area) subscriber.

If so, did you come away from their tech support with the impression the front-line personnel were, per Verizon policy and procedure, being prevented from processing the clues you provided, consulting with the WAN/telecommunications engineers, and giving the impression that they had (1) a few deductions (2) information to sate otherwise irate customers and/or (3) the knowledge/authority to actually fix the problem?

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