JP Vossen on 27 Oct 2008 19:56:12 -0700

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[PLUG] Get Codeweavers software free on 2008-10-28!

CrossOver Serial Number Sign Up

We are giving away all of our software for free on Tuesday, October 
28th, 2008. This is a fully working, fully supported copy of either 
CrossOver Mac Professional, or CrossOver Linux Professional. No hooks, 
tricks, timebombs, or gimmicks: it's the real deal.

To get your free software, simply enter your email below, confirm it, 
and enter the agreement code shown below. An email will be sent to your 
email address containing a serial code. Once you receive your serial 
code, go to and register your software. 
Once you've done that, you will be able to log into your account on 
CodeWeavers' web site, and download your product. PLEASE NOTE: your 
serial code must be registered on our site before 23:59 PM Central 
Standard Time. After midnight Tuesday, it is no longer valid.
Limit 1 copy per customer.   Download only.

(Please Note: if you are an existing CodeWeavers customer, this deal 
will give you a completely new support entitlement for another 12 
months. That also means that if you're an existing user of our Standard 
products, Merry Christmas: you've just been upgraded to Pro. For Free.)

Register your email address for a free copy of:
	() CrossOver Mac Pro (includes CrossOver Games)
	() CrossOver Linux Pro (includes CrossOver Games)

FYI, CrossOver is the "Pro" version of Wine and is more-or-less a 
"thunking" layer that allows you to run unmodified Windows programs on a 
Max or Linux. [1]

I seem to have just snuck in, the server is now sometimes giving errors 
or not responding...

Here's why they are doing this:
Press Releases
Giveaway Triggered in CodeWeaver's Great American Lame Duck Presidential 
Challenge; "We take full responsibility for global economic collapse," 
says CEO

SAINT PAUL, Minn. (October 27, 2008) – The catastrophic cratering of the 
global economy, falling gas prices and President George W. Bush's recent 
executive activities have indirectly prompted Saint Paul gadfly software 
developers CodeWeavers, Inc., to provide free software for every 
American on Oct. 28, company officials reluctantly announced today.

CrossOver Linux
Our flagship Windows-to-Linux desktop productivity tool. Allows you to 
run many popular office productivity software applications on Linux, 
such as Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Project and Visio, 
graphics applications like Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, and 
Adobe Photoshop, and many more. Not only that, but CrossOver Linux also 
allows you to use many Windows Web browser plugins, such as QuickTime 
and Shockwave, directly on your Linux browser. Runs on many popular 
Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Redhat, Novell, Suse, Xandros, 
Mandriva and others. No Windows Operating System license required; 
CrossOver is a complete replacement for your Windows OS as far as your 
applications are concerned.

CrossOver Mac
Our flagship Windows-to-Macintosh compatibility tool. Intended for Intel 
Mac OS X machines, CrossOver Mac will allow Mac users to run their 
favorite Windows applications seamlessly on their Mac. Windows files can 
be opened directly within your file browser, or from email attachments. 
No rebooting, no switching to a virtual machine, and no Windows 
Operating System license required; CrossOver is a complete replacement 
for your Windows OS as far as your Windows software is concerned.
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