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Re: [PLUG] VM offerings and USB support

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 4:05 PM, JP Vossen <> wrote:
>  > Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 06:13:59 -0500
>  > From: "Art Alexion" <>
>  >
>  > I have been happy using kvm/qemu to run TurboTax in a winXP vm.  I
>  > want to create an iTunes appliance to manage my iTouch which is not
>  > handled by gtkpod, etc.  iTunes 8, which is needed, does not run under
>  > wine or crossover.
> Related, IIRC iTunes > 7.something(?) will not even install on W2K, it
> requires XP or "better," so watch out for that with older VMs/machines.

Not much reason to install win2k anymore anyway.  Ironically, a few
years back when my son got his first iPod, it was the reason we
installed win2k, because iTunes wouldn't run on win98.   Apparently,
win98 did not support the DRM.  I don't know what reason, if any, it
no longer supports win2k, but as long as its not vista-only...

> I'd be interested in seeing a preso on Linux/Ubuntu virtualization
> solutions for both Linux and Windows (TurboTax/IE only, etc. stuff),
> including: VMWare, Virtual Box, kvm/qemu, _____, _____, etc...

Somebody asked me about that a couple of years ago when I mentioned
that I was doing it to run TurboTax.  There isn't much to it beyond
getting a working VM and installing TT.  The more interesting talk
would be exporting kmymoney or gnucash data so that it can be imported
into TT.

> I'm becoming less and less happy with VMware (as you'll see), but
> VirtualBox hasn't thrilled me yet either.

I haven't used VMWare since Ubuntu Dapper (whenver that was.  I have a
co-worker who likes using it on a Linux host, while complaining how it
breaks every time there is a kernel update.  I haven't tried it again
for that  reason.

I have settled into kvm because its snappy and doesn't seem to have
problems with the kernel updates.  That said, I hadn't fired it up
since spring taxes and it seems to have changed dramatically since
then.  I had created Kmenu entries for different configurations, and
none of them work anymore.  A lot of the stuff I used to do via the
command parameters seem to now be defaults, and it doesn't recognize
my old commands.

>  > Has anyone had any luck creating a working iTunes appliance?  Which vm
>  > product best supports a USB port, kvm, virtualbox, vmware, parallels,
>  > etc.?
> I can tell you that it will *not* work under VMware server 1.0, which
> only supports up to USB 1.1, and specifically does not support USB 2.0.
> USB 2.0 is supposed to work under VMware Server 2.0 (2.0.0-122956 was
> released 10/29/08).  But I can't even get a login screen in the "new"
> and utterly loathsome web GUI (what moron thought THAT was a Good
> Idea?!?).  Since they will eventually phase out the Server 1.x line,
> which is crippled by lack of USB 2.0 support, this does not bode well.

I didn't realize that iTunes currently doesn't support USB 1.1.  When
my son ran it a few years ago on a PIII, it complained, transferred
files slower, but ran nonetheless.


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