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Re: [PLUG] directory permissions corrupted in 8.10

On Tuesday 11 November 2008 11:36:08 am Bringhurst, Jonathan O (Mission 
Systems) wrote:
> Here's a few shots in the dark.
> Try cd-ing into the dir as a normal user AND as root. I'm thinking you
> might have it executable by the owner and not everyone.
> Try 'chmod a+x /mnt/H' anyway. Then try to cd in again (sometimes
> permissions on the dir won't show up until you try to cd in).
> Try 'stat /mnt/H', it might give you another clue (but probably not).
> Question marks usually means stat() is returning nulls in the struct, so
> this might be an issue of "it isn't there" rather than permissions.

I am thinking it is a recent change in samba or hal.  

stat /mnt/H
returns permission denied.

Here is a follow up.

sudo umount /mnt/H
no errors
sudo mount /mnt/H
no errors
ls -l /mnt/
now /mnt/CompMDB has the errors.
sudo umount /mnt/CompMDB
sudo mount /mnt/CompMDB
ls -l /mnt/
now the problems are back on /mnt/H


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