Julien Mills on 12 Nov 2008 07:45:17 -0800

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[PLUG] DNS problem

Hi all,

I think someone mentioned this on this list a few
months ago, here's my problem, it may be sort of
dumb, but here it is...

We have an internal mail server in house which
runs DNS which everyone uses.  Our web site is hosted
elsewhere, I can't remember where right now.  So,
the mail server and the web site have different IP

The problem is, we can't get to the web site from
in here.  I know the IP address, if I put it in a 
browser, that still doesn't work.  Way back in the
past I has a www entry in my DNS setup files which
solved the problem.  That doesn't seem to be working
now.  Anyone know where to look to troubleshoot

The website: www.amorosobaking.com
The mailserver: amorosobaking.com

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