Julien Mills on 12 Nov 2008 08:47:31 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] DNS problem

> Having them on different ip's is not an issue, we do
> the same.  Curiously
> when I went to www.amorosobaking.com it ended up resolving
> to
> amorosobaking.com
> Pinging either only gets me to
> I am unable to connect to through the web
> "The connection has timed out
> The server at is taking too long to
> respond."
> I am, however, able to telnet to port 25 at
> and speak to your
> mail server.
> Your MX record indicates you are at:
> mx.netidentity.com.cust.hostedemail.com
> I do not see any c-name's for your domain, but I do see
> an "a record"
> pointing to:
> www.amoroso.com.	A	IN
> But is not amoroso.
> My guess is the www (a record) is set incorrectly.
> Are you getting email?
> Are you getting web traffic?

OK, thanks this is very interesting, may be the problem, I'll
look into the, not sure what that is.
Anyway, we do get email and web traffic, we just can't get
to our web site from inside.

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