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Re: [PLUG] OT: soldering on the motherboard

The most important step is going to be removing the old connector. Be very 
careful not do damage the mother board, it's ok to damage the old connector. 
Get some solder wick and a good sucker.  Don't pull hard on the connector. 
I'm not sure what kind of connector you are dealing with but sometimes you 
can remove one pin at a time while applying heat to just that pin. If not 
make sure you can freely wiggle the pin around when it's cool before you try 
to remove it.  Also with the connector out you can clean up the vias (little 
holes) by putting some new solder on them and then removing it.  If you use 
the solder wick for this make sure you keep the iron on it while removing 
the wick because it cools fast and can lift a trace quickly.  The power plug 
traces and vias are probably pretty big so you should be pretty safe.  As 
far as the heat affecting the component around it I doubt you would damage 
anything unless you are planning on using a soldering gun instead of an 


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> Less is more, tinned clean tip, 25 - 40 watt range, let the iron warm up 
> completely. Tin the iron, let the solder metal, make contact with the 
> board, watch the solder start to flow, and then apply as little solder as 
> necessary to fill the gap.
> Connections should be shinny, not dull, smooth flow, not globed on.
> I'm a former MIL-STD-883 solderer.
> See MIL-STD for and even better description.
> Have fun good luck.
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>> I'm replacing the power connector on a friend's laptop motherboard.
>> I've
>> never soldered on the motherboard (just stuff like radios and
>> speakers) and
>> my concern is burning other stuff in the process.
>> Any tips on motherboard soldering?
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