Casey Bralla on 25 Nov 2008 17:21:49 -0800

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[PLUG] Weird OpenOffice Problem

I've got a very weird problem with menus on OpenOffice.  When I open a menu 
window, or pull down a menu, the text for each selection is frequently not 
visible (there's a blank space instead).  If I move the window, or move some 
the mouse over the blank area, the text is displayed then.  The radio button 
will always be there, but the text will be missing.

It seems like the menu items are not painted until some other event triggers 
them.   The really weird part is that if I try to get a screen capture, the 
missing text is on the captured image!

I've tried putting "backingstore" on in my X config, but can't find any 
reference to this problem on the web.  (I'm probably not describing it with 
the correct words, so I'm not finding it in a google search.)

Anybody have any suggestions of things to try?


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