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[PLUG] [plug-announce] December 3, 2008: "Atypical Typing" presented by Mark Jason Dominus

 ._____. .__________________________________________________________________.
 | ._. | | .______________________________________________________________. |
 | |_| |_|_|___.                                                   _____  | |
 |___| |_____. |   The Philadelphia Area Linux Users Group        | ._. | | |
 .___|_|_| |_| |   (PLUG) cordially invites you to our next   .___| |_|_|_| |
 | ._____| |___|    meeting, Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008    | ._| |_______|
 | | | |_| |         at The University of the Sciences in     | |_|_|_| |___.
 | | |_____|              Philadelphia, Pennsylvania          |_______| |_. |
 | |______________________________________________________________| | | |_| |
 |__________________________________________________________________| |_____|

  The presentation this month is on "Atypical Typing" and is being presented by
  Mark Jason Dominus.  This talk was first given at OOPSLA 2008 where MJD
  was an invited speaker.

  Talk abstract:

    "Many of the shortcomings of Java's type system were addressed by the
    addition of generics to Java 5.0. Java's generic types are a direct
    outgrowth of research into strong type systems in languages like SML
    and Haskell. But the powerful, expressive type systems of research
    languages like Haskell are capable of feats that exceed the dreams of
    programmers familiar only with mainstream languages.

    In this talk I'll give a brief retrospective on the history of type
    systems and an introduction to the type system of the Haskell language,
    including a remarkable example where the Haskell type checker diagnoses
    an infinite loop bug at compile time."

  Mark Jason Dominus is the author of "Higher-Order Perl: Transforming
  Programs with Programs". Our regular December speaker, he has given
  several talks in the past, including "What's a file?" and "History of
  Classic Unix Security Holes"

  For more on MJD check out his blog: http://blog.plover.com/ (which we also
  aggregate on http://planet.phillylinux.org)

  The meeting will take place from 7-9pm at:

          University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP)
          Griffith Hall C
          600 South 43rd Street
          Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495

  USP is located in University City.  Driving directions are
  available at <http://www.phillylinux.org/locations/usp.html>, or
  <http://www.usip.edu/directions/>, both of which have an aerial
  view of the campus buildings.  USP is also easily accessible by
  public transportation.

  There will be an open Question & Answer session at 7PM, prior to
  the main presentation at 8PM.  This is an open meeting; all are
  welcome, and encouraged to attend.

  Usually, a number of members get together after the meeting at a
  nearby restaurant for food and perhaps a beer or two.  Come join
  the camaraderie!
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