Fred Stluka on 2 Dec 2008 08:35:55 -0800

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[PLUG] OT: Why bashing Google?...

I'm curious why people are bashing Google here.  Recently, I've
seen two non-specific comments about not trusting Google:

> JP Vossen wrote:
>>  > Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 23:59:29 -0500
>>  > From: jeff <>
>>  > Google has signaled their willingness to *sell* us an appliance for
>>  > this but I don't exactly trust that particular vendor.
>> ... the Google appliance, which was not acceptable for various 
>> reasons including lack of trust ...
What's up?  Personally, I'm a big Google fan, as you may know if you
read the tips I post about how to use their services for searching,
maps, finance, etc:
Here's why:

- I like the reliability and quality of their free software.

- I like their "Do no evil" corporate philosophy.

- I was pleased with their involvement in the recent federal auction
  of the analog TV frequencies, where they convinced regulators and
  bidders to adopt rules about open specs for cell phones that use
  some of the newly available frequencies.

- I am very impressed that they have grown so successful through
  word of mouth with no paid advertising -- speaks volumes about the
  quality of their products.

- I am impressed by their philanthropic arm to which Google has
  committed $2 billion without bothering to brag about about it.

Am I missing something?  I am generally not a very trusting person, and
I'm somewhat of a privacy nut (the only guy I know who purposely had
business cards printed with an e-mail address but NO phone number) but
so far, I am VERY impressed with Google.  Do Jeff, JP, and others have
specific complaints?  Or are you just understandably nervous about such
a large company potentially having access to so much personal data?

I hesitate to even post this, since I am such a Google fan and am
effectively inviting more Google bashing here, but I'm hoping all
members of the group will be very specific, responsible, and mature in
their comments.  I would find it most helpful if people would address
(or at least keep in mind) the following specific questions when replying:

1.  What has Google done to violate your trust?

2.  What are you concerned that Google may do in the future?

3.  Is Google better/worse than most companies in these regards?

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