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Re: [PLUG] OT: Why bashing Google?...

On Wednesday 03 December 2008 9:52:52 am Mike Chirico wrote:
> Google does a good job of collecting a lot of information. I'm not
> sure that in itself is a problem. Maybe what's needed are legal
> restrictions on how that information is used. Let's face it, some
> company in the future will abuse this information. Search is here to
> stay along with mining ways we interact. For example, China maybe the
> problem - not Google.

All this reminds me of a bankruptcy I read about at least 5 years ago.  An 
online company had a lot of users' personal info.  It had pledged not to sell 
or share the info with anyone else.

The company went bankrupt.  The trustee determined that the info was an asset 
of the bankrupt estate and needed to be sold to pay creditors.  A group of 
users filed motions in the bankruptcy court to prevent disclosure, citing the 
privacy statement.  Basically, the bankruptcy court said, tough sh*t, we can 
avoid contracts in bankruptcy.

And that's the problem.  It is irrelevant whether google is evil.  Today we 
often see things our parents never could have imagined, like GM about to go 
bankrupt.  You'd be naive or nuts to think this will never happen to google 
and the info that they have.

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