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Re: [PLUG] good kvm (virt., not switch) info?

This is an example of what I used to use that doesn't work anymore.
kvm -m 512 -cdrom -usb /dev/hdg -net nic -net user ~/qemu_images/windows.img

It complained that it didn't like the -cdrom -usb and -net nic parameters.  I 
used that command throughout the spring and early summer without it 
complaining at all.

On Saturday 06 December 2008 16:55:09 K.S. Bhaskar wrote:
> Works like a charm for me (*buntu 8.04, 8.10) and supports all command
> line parameters that qemu does except -kernel-kqemu.  It would be
> helpful to provide examples of parameters that don't work.  Also, I
> confess that I don't fully push kvm (e.g., to set up a virtual subnet
> of virtual machines behind its virtual firewall, or to use the TAP
> device to give my virtual machines externally visible IP addresses).
> -- Bhaskar
> On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 4:30 PM, Art Alexion <> wrote:
> > I started using kvm early this year, primarily to run TurboTax under an
> > XP vm. My computer began experiencing problems in early August, and I
> > didn't get it working again until a month ago.  By then, it seems the
> > command structure and parameters changed, because none of my mini-scripts
> > worked.  I had stored certain commands in short scripts, and then
> > assigned them to the KDE menu.
> >
> > I was able to get it working with no parameters except the image.
> >
> > But I'd like to do more.  If the changes I suspect did occur, a lot of
> > online stuff is obsolete.
> >
> > Any recommendations for a comprehensive and current online reference?
> >
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