Floyd Johnson on 12 Dec 2008 07:39:43 -0800

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[PLUG] What to do w/ 3-yr-old outboard CD burner?

In cleaning up my place, I found a functional Iomega CD burner I'd 
originally bought for use with a laptop that had no internal CD 
deck-successfully using it to install RHEL3 is a long story from 2005. 
It's a fair assumption that the W*ndows drivers can be downloaded, and I 
know that the Linux driver has been part of the kernel since before 2.6.x.

Having gotten a more modern rig recently (built-in burner), I no longer 
have need of the device.

Is it best to send it off to the IT recycling people, try to get a tax 
deduction for donating it to a "close-the-digital-divide" organization, 
or try to sell the thing?
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