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Re: [PLUG] What to do w/ 3-yr-old outboard CD burner?


I get rid of such stuff via -- an organization devoted
to helping people give away stuff to other local people who might
want it, to keep it out of the landfill.  Check out:
You can sign up for one or more local (West Chester, Phoenixville,
KoP, Chester County, Montgomery County, etc.) groups and can see
stuff people are giving away and give away your own stuff.

You can't sell there, only give away.  And you can't sell when you
get there elsewhere.  It is supposed to be all free.

Lots of wireless routers, hubs, monitors, computers, etc. change
hands there, as well as all sorts of other non-computer stuff.

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Floyd Johnson wrote:
> In cleaning up my place, I found a functional Iomega CD burner I'd 
> originally bought for use with a laptop that had no internal CD 
> deck-successfully using it to install RHEL3 is a long story from 2005. 
> It's a fair assumption that the W*ndows drivers can be downloaded, and I 
> know that the Linux driver has been part of the kernel since before 2.6.x.
> Having gotten a more modern rig recently (built-in burner), I no longer 
> have need of the device.
> Is it best to send it off to the IT recycling people, try to get a tax 
> deduction for donating it to a "close-the-digital-divide" organization, 
> or try to sell the thing?
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