Art Clemons on 15 Dec 2008 15:20:25 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Strange behavior in external hd

> With Kubuntu 8.04/KDE 3.5.10, if the fs seems dirty, it ignores it.  dmesg 
> throws out some errors, but hal does nothing.

I suggest you try "ntfsfix /dev/sd??"  on your external drive then try
mounting it or having it automount.  I note incidentally that most
likely either Windows or Ubuntu isn't cleanly unmounting said drive and
finding out which might solve some of these issues for you.  Also
running chkdisk /f on the partition from XP or Vista will clean up a
partition marked as umounted uncleanly, but that's often a pain.
I've taken to unmounting external drives and disconnecting them before I
shut down an OS, I don't normally see this problem now.
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