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Re: [PLUG] Strange behavior in external hd

On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 6:20 PM, Art Clemons <> wrote:
>> With Kubuntu 8.04/KDE 3.5.10, if the fs seems dirty, it ignores it.  dmesg
>> throws out some errors, but hal does nothing.
> I suggest you try "ntfsfix /dev/sd??"  on your external drive then try
> mounting it or having it automount.  I note incidentally that most
> likely either Windows or Ubuntu isn't cleanly unmounting said drive and
> finding out which might solve some of these issues for you.  Also
> running chkdisk /f on the partition from XP or Vista will clean up a
> partition marked as umounted uncleanly, but that's often a pain.
> I've taken to unmounting external drives and disconnecting them before I
> shut down an OS, I don't normally see this problem now.

I will guess that this would be good advice if it was possible.  But
hal doesn't even create a device for it.

It happened  again after a reboot with the drive plugged in.

Plugged it into gnome laptop and it mounted fine.  This is the same
version of k/ubuntu.  And it it isn't the individual machine.  At home
I have a kubuntu 8.04 desktop and a laptop with ubuntu (gnome) 8.04 on
a laptop.  Automounts on the laptop, and won't even create an
unmounted device on the desktop.  At work, it is the same thing.
Ignored by kubuntu 8.04 desktop, and automounts on Ubuntu 8.10 desktop
and winxp desktop.

Why is kubuntu or kde having a problem with this drive that other
systems do not have?

I am going to try it on my experimental kubuntu 8.10 install at work today.

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