sean finney on 16 Dec 2008 14:42:38 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] setting up a network tap


On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 02:37:19PM -0500, Chad V wrote:
> I'm looking for some ideas on performing a network tap to capture all
> or certain traffic on a LAN using Wireshark and time is at a premium.
> My next idea is to plug the 1 unmanaged switch into the other, then
> run a cable to NIC-1 on linux pc, then run cable from NIC-2 to router.
>  I believe this qualifies as a bridge.  The server would just be
> capturing traffic via wireshark and monitoring bandwidth used per
> device with ntop.

> PC & VoIP phone network ------------------- unmanaged
> switch-----NIC1-----linux pc-----NIC2------FiOS router -------
> internet
> PC & VoIP phone network ----- unmanaged switch----|
> Using google, I found this article on building a transparent bridge
> with he ability to monitor traffic and I'll be following it later.

note, if you're using debian (or perhaps a debian-derived distro), it's much
easier than some of these more detailed tutorials would lead you to believe :)

when i had to do it myself for network debugging, i recall the setup being
pretty easy; something like:
 * apt-get installing bridge-utils
 * rtfm'ing bridge-utils-interfaces(5)
 * adding a br0 entry to /etc/network/interfaces
 * plug everything together and ifup'ing br0


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