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[PLUG] Firewall tutorial...


At the last PLUG West meeting, I asked a question about stateful
firewalls.  Here's a useful tutorial sent to me by JP Vossen:

It's long, but very readable, written in a conversational style
with occasional amusing snippets like:

    "... everyone is going to come looking for your head to place on
     a platter.  So, to keep your head <-> torso network intact ...".


    "The packet is expunged without a peep.  There are no notices,
     no logs, no memorial service.  Cake will not be served."

It is also very concrete.  It explains the basic ideas briefly,
but immediately dives into a series of progressive examples of
IPFilter rulesets for filtering incoming and outgoing IP packets.
Read until you get bored or overwhelmed.  Then stop, before your
head hurts.  It gets more technical and handles more specialized
cases as it goes.  I made it to the end, but I'll admit I did
start skimming.  I added a link to my links page for future

Thanks, JP!

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