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Re: [PLUG] Waaaaaay OT: Retrain a Beagle

I would recommend installing Ubuntu or similar *nix style distro.  To do so, follow these directions.

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From: Casey Bralla <>
> OK, I know this is ridiculous, but y'all are the smartest group I know.
> My stoopid beagle (who acts a little autistic) has lost her "invisible fence"
> training.  She's learned that the short pain of the collar is worth it if she
> gets to wander around the neighborhood.   She stays in the yard when we are
> home, but quickly leaves if we do.   We can't leave her tied up because she
> is able to get tangled very quickly, adn then is stuck outside of her dog
> house in bad weather. (She's kind of like a reverse-Houdini:  she gets
> tangled up in her leash when there's nothing to get tangled on!)
> Oddly, she learned the collar _VERY_ fast because even the little beeping
> noise it made scared her.
> I am thinking of doing something like the following:
> 1.  Beat the crap out of her (figuratively speaking) when she goes outside the
> fence.
> 2.  Buy a new "high power" collar that she will find more unconfortable.
> 3.  Buy a radio collar which will continue to shock her as long as she is
> outside the range of the transmitter.
> Anybody have any other ideas?   This dog is kind of sweet, but she's always
> been a difficult dog to keep due to her many oddities, and this is bringing
> us to the edge of tolerance.

Our "invisible fence" company will come out and retrain the dog for free.  Is that an option?  And our fence has an adjustable "jolt" - maybe turning that up would make her think twice.

But, your story is one of the reasons that I didn't trust the whole "invisible fence" idea.  That said, it's worked great for our lab.
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