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Re: [PLUG] regulating network traffic

On Monday 22 December 2008 12:13:20 pm edmond rodriguez wrote:
> Consider that you are running bittorrent on your machine, either Windows or
> Linux.
> The torrent is using all your bandwidth, so when you go on firefox to do
> something, it runs really really slow, as it competes for this bandwidth. 
> You could turn off the torrent while you are trying to work on the browser,
> but this is not practical as that means turning off and on many many times,
> for example, the time I am spending writing this, my bit torrent could be
> running full strength.
> So how?   Qos does not seem to solve this problem since my provider pretty
> much compiles all the data coming in and I am hardly using the capacity of
> my router.  I have a 768Kb service.
> How can one designate some kind of rule that says "bittorrent comes last
> when ever anything else is getting done", but otherwise can use all the
> bandwidth?
> From what I researched, it seems like the only way to make this happen is
> to "throttle" the ports that bittorrent is using, or somehow throttle bit
> torrent itself.
> The bittorrent application has a throttle in it, but it is static, not
> dynamic.
> Any comments?

I can cap ktorrent in and out (separately).  I pretty sure this was available 
when I used azureus.  I am told you can do it with utorrent.

With ktorrent, I can do it with a right click on the tray icon. (kde 3.5)

What client do you use?

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