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Re: [PLUG] regulating network traffic

I just saw bittorrent (Windows) also has a right clickable regulator.  Perhaps it does for Linux as well.   That is a good thing to know.

Yes, as someone else wrote, I was hoping for something like the "nice" command of Linux.  "Use it if no one else wants it" approach. 

I think the use of bandwidth could be pretty efficient if this regulation could be done dynamically though it seems rather complex if not doable.  If simple enough one could apply it to other applications as well.   I guess there could be the problem where too much change would not be good either, as any change takes a little time to take effect, and I wonder how it effects systems upstream from the data.   It seems to me the best throttling is done from the application itself, which talks to other applications feeding the data. 

Here is something I had seen using google.  This person was trying to make  system dynamic so that it would put all other traffic less important than an IP phone.   After seeing this and reading some other things, I knew it would not be easy to do!


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> On Monday 22 December 2008 12:29:14 pm Art Alexion wrote:
> > > The bittorrent application has a throttle in it, but it is static, not
> > > dynamic.
> > >
> > > Any comments?
> >
> > I can cap ktorrent in and out (separately).  I pretty sure this was
> > available when I used azureus.  I am told you can do it with utorrent.
> >
> > With ktorrent, I can do it with a right click on the tray icon. (kde 3.5)
> I should have read this more carefully before I replied.  So static isn't good 
> enough for ya, huh? ;^)
> Maybe accessing the cap via the tray icon will not be such a PITA.

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