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Re: [PLUG] regulating network traffic

If the Qos on my router will work, then I just need to get control of port usage.  A seemingly daunting task (at least finding any documentation).  For example, how does one control the outgoing ports that Firefox wants to use.   Bittorrent does not allow control of outgoing ports.  I think utorrent does, but I don't know if that is a safe application or not.  To get control, I will most likely have to change the application (I think). 

So that is what I am working on now, trying to get a handle on port usage.  My router only understand applications like Skype and the messengers.  So I have to depend on port ranges for other applications. 

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> On Monday 22 December 2008, edmond rodriguez wrote:
> > So how?   Qos does not seem to solve this problem since my provider pretty
> > much compiles all the data coming in and I am hardly using the capacity of
> > my router.  I have a 768Kb service.
> >
> > How can one designate some kind of rule that says "bittorrent comes last
> > when ever anything else is getting done", but otherwise can use all the
> > bandwidth?
> >
> > From what I researched, it seems like the only way to make this happen is
> > to "throttle" the ports that bittorrent is using, or somehow throttle bit
> > torrent itself.
> >
> > The bittorrent application has a throttle in it, but it is static, not
> > dynamic.
> QOS can do exactly what you want.  However, the bottleneck is not at your 
> machine but rather where your LAN meets your ISP.  Therefore the 
> prioritisation must take place not on the individual machines, but on the 
> router.
> The only consumer-grade router that I've had with the necessary QOS abilities 
> is the one I got from Verizon for their FIOS service, but I'd expect there are 
> others on the market.
> Once you get QOS on the router, you can have it prioritise any traffic on the 
> bitorrent ports lower than other traffic, so the torrents will only use 
> bandwidth you aren't using for anything else.  Don't do throttling if you can 
> avoid it, it's a just crude way to work around (but not fix) the problem.
> %!PS: Another fun use for QOS is to make yourself a good wireless neighbor.  
> Disable WEP/WPA, isolate the wireless network from the wired network, and 
> prioritise all wireless traffic lower than wired traffic (and also your 
> wireless devices).  Now other people can use the free wifi, but they won't 
> slow you down at all, since they'll only get whatever bandwidth you aren't 
> using.

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