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Re: [PLUG] regulating network traffic

On Monday 22 December 2008, edmond rodriguez wrote:
> So how?   Qos does not seem to solve this problem since my provider pretty
> much compiles all the data coming in and I am hardly using the capacity of
> my router.  I have a 768Kb service.
> How can one designate some kind of rule that says "bittorrent comes last
> when ever anything else is getting done", but otherwise can use all the
> bandwidth?
> From what I researched, it seems like the only way to make this happen is
> to "throttle" the ports that bittorrent is using, or somehow throttle bit
> torrent itself.
> The bittorrent application has a throttle in it, but it is static, not
> dynamic.

QOS can do exactly what you want.  However, the bottleneck is not at your 
machine but rather where your LAN meets your ISP.  Therefore the 
prioritisation must take place not on the individual machines, but on the 

The only consumer-grade router that I've had with the necessary QOS abilities 
is the one I got from Verizon for their FIOS service, but I'd expect there are 
others on the market.

Once you get QOS on the router, you can have it prioritise any traffic on the 
bitorrent ports lower than other traffic, so the torrents will only use 
bandwidth you aren't using for anything else.  Don't do throttling if you can 
avoid it, it's a just crude way to work around (but not fix) the problem.

%!PS: Another fun use for QOS is to make yourself a good wireless neighbor.  
Disable WEP/WPA, isolate the wireless network from the wired network, and 
prioritise all wireless traffic lower than wired traffic (and also your 
wireless devices).  Now other people can use the free wifi, but they won't 
slow you down at all, since they'll only get whatever bandwidth you aren't 

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