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Re: [PLUG] New Broadcom STA Linux Driver

This thread started earlier with a posting from me regarding ndiswrapper.   Since my hardware is broadcom, it brought up some suggestions regarding native broadcom drivers as well.   

The  Kernel (and perhaps one very immediate earlier) breaks some of the earlier code for wireless driver source code and ndiswrapper.  The version posted in this posting is an updated driver that does compile against

I hope the thread I started was appropriate, as this appears to me, to be just a followup to that thread. 

ndiswrapper does work (though I can only speak for my hardware), and to me, was a very creative solution to the driver problems.   It is the wpa_supplicant that frustrates the few people I have talked to about it. 

Edmond Rodriguez

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On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 6:57 PM, Brian Vagnoni <bvagnoni@v-system.net> wrote:

Very nice

Broadcom hardware is anything but  "very nice".  If it was very nice it would be in the kernel. You wouldn't have to compile it against your system.

This remindes me of Dell's Mini9, where instead of building it to be native hardware supported linux, they fell back on the ndiswrapper. How disgusting can you get? Hey Dell, you are the hardware assembler. Why not use your powers and make your product based on kernel supported hardware?

There are enough hacks in the world. I'd rather not deal with more in 2009.

Finally, with regards to your success, congrats. But there is no need to pat yourself on the back publicly. This is a place for questions and answers. If you are successful in getting somewhere, good for you, but try and remember that there were many before you that got there before you did. We appreicate humility on this list.

Michael D. Bevilacqua

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