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Re: [PLUG] New Broadcom STA Linux Driver

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From: Michael Bevilacqua
> Broadcom hardware is anything but  "very nice".  If it was very nice it would be in > the kernel. You wouldn't have to compile it against your system.           
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I never stated it was nice. The fact that it's working under the OS is nice. It will stop working as soon as Opensuse releases a kernel update for 11.1. In fact I hate Broadcom stuff. If a laptop comes with a Broadcom card I typically go out and purchase either an Intel or Atheros based card to replace it. The HP TX2500z is unique in the sense that it's a platform based system(won't accept anything else, refused to boot). I would have to use a Express or USB wireless card to use something else rather than replacing the factory mini-pcie card which I've typically done in the past.

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From: Michael Bevilacqua
> Finally, with regards to your success, congrats. But there is no need
> to pat
> yourself on the back publicly. This is a place for questions and
> answers. If
> you are successful in getting somewhere, good for you, but try and
> remember
> that there were many before you that got there before you did. We
> appreicate
> humility on this list.
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Actually it was just FYI. If I had a dollar for every I'm in Broadcom
wireless h### thread on the list I would be a rich man. Just trying to 
be helpful to others including Eric. If this was football I would hardly be
called for excessive celebration. You've never seen me celebrate 
(does Snoopy dance). 

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> There are enough hacks in the world. I'd rather not deal with more in 2009.
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Sorry you are having a bad day Michael. I sincerely hope the rest of the year is better. It wasn't a "hack" either it was a released driver for my hardware. I have such a low post count here and really don't understand the hostility I get from folks about OSS stuff. 

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