Brian Vagnoni on 5 Jan 2009 13:21:24 -0800

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[PLUG] Poor Mans KVM/Dual Monitor - Matrox Segway

This is a bit of a hack but it's a poor mans dual monitor system.

If you have a flat panel monitor that supports both DVI and VGA and a dual port video card you have the makings of the poor mans dual monitor system.

Connect the DVI port of your video card to the monitor, connect the VGA port of you video card to the monitor as well. Use the monitors input selector switch to toggle back and forth. 

You have a dual monitor system. Granted that you can only look at one video port at a time. It also works better as the poor mans KVM switch.

If you have 2 computers just use the DVI video port on one and the VGA port on the other. Toggle your monitor input selector switch and you have a poor mans KVM switch. As long as you don't mine using 2 different keyboards and mice. USB devices make it work a lot better as they are hot swappable. 

You can also pass audio from multiple computers daisy chaining your line in's and your audio outs to one set of speakers. 

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