JP Vossen on 5 Jan 2009 14:45:37 -0800

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[PLUG] Free FiOS speed upgrade

FYI for anyone who has been on FiOS for a while (before June 23rd, 
2008), has 2 or more services and has less than the following speeds, 
give them a call...

According to the person I talked to when I called, if you have any 
"bundle" (2 or more of: phone, Internet, TV), it is a free upgrade, but 
since I have data only ($49.99/mo for 15/2) it would cost more.
Current bandwidth tiers (download/upload in Mbit/s)
     * 10/2
     * 20/5	($69.99 for "data only" like I have)
     * 20/20
     * 50/20

     * As of June 23rd, 2008, Verizon rolled out the current bandwidth
tiers above to their entire FiOS network. These tiers have replaced all
previous bandwidth tiers. Existing customers who wish to get the new
bandwidth tiers must call Verizon and ask to be upgraded. Customer
service representatives are instructed to follow a "Honor, not Offer"
policy in regard to the new bandwidth tiers.[citation needed] This means
that agents may not initiate a discussion about the free speed upgrade.
Customers will only receive the bandwidth boost if they specifically
inquire about it. Those who still have the previous bandwidth tiers,
without taking any action, will remain unchanged until their contract is
over. New customers will automatically have access to the current
bandwidth tiers when they sign up.

FWIW, I called 888-553-1555 (05:15 PM 2009-01-05)
	Enter phone number
	3, 5, 2 (guessed, took 5 mins just to get into the hold queue)
	On hold for ~13 minutes

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