Matthew Rosewarne on 10 Jan 2009 21:57:54 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Debian/Ubuntu installer LVM issue

On Friday 09 January 2009, JP Vossen wrote:
> If I allow it to use the entire rest of the disk, 497700MB, it works,
> and I end up with 0 free PE (which is bad since it prevents snapshots).
>   But when I try to make 497700MB *smaller,* I get an error that there
> are not enough free PEs!  WTH?!?
> I want to leave about 2G free, so you'd think 497700-2048=495652.  When
> I try to create an LV that size, in the curses GUI I get:
> 	Unable to create a new logical volume (lv_root)
> 	on vg_hostname with the new size 0."
> But on ALT-F4's text console I get:
> 	...partman-lvm: Insufficient free extents (118661) in
> 	volume group vg_hostname: 123913 required.
> Huh?!?!?  So it turns out this is a really stupid bug in the Debian
> installer where it uses totally different bases to calculate the
> numbers:

Would this be the solution?;bug=510544

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