Art Alexion on 11 Jan 2009 09:36:54 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Sharp Zaurus (Was: Re: [On-T] Speaking of cell phones)

On Saturday 10 January 2009 15:57:30 wrote:
> Depending on which model you have, it can be a terrific device. Look into
> the OpenEmbedded Software Foundation ('re doing a great
> job at maintaining and updating the software base. If it's a 5000 or 5500,
> I'd probably skip it...they have a very good form factor, but the slowest
> CPUs in the lineup and very limited memory. The SL6000 (my second Zaurus)
> is great, as is the C1000 (though that's too big to put in your pocket).

Looks like it is a never used SL-C750

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