Michael Bevilacqua on 13 Jan 2009 16:45:17 -0800

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[PLUG] Wicked-Cool Linux Desktop Environments Challenge

I've always been a fan of the Linux desktop environment. The choices, the ability to tweak the configurations, the eye candy, or even the lack thereof (think minimalist). I think it started when I first played with Enlightenment and found how configurable it was. So many years later, I find myself still using E16 (8.14) and it being better than ever, with just the right amount of eye candy and still being usable in my personal production environment.

What I would like to see is a PLUG presentation of personal desktop environments by people that have come to depend on these configurations in their daily use. Since there truly is no other way than to give a live demonstration on this subject, the select users would bring their boxes/notebooks and sequentially show off how they have tweaked and made useful their user interfaces. And in this, I'm hoping the audience can walk away with a better knowledge of the power of the adaptability of the Linux desktop.

So I'm looking for volunteers. From eye-candy saturated to the most minimal of UIs. What ever confidently works best for you.

Not to go on off on a rant here, but the magic that is the custom Linux desktop experience is one of the strong points of Linux itself. I know of no other OS that can do this as well as Linux. This is probably why there is no single Linux desktop available to take over the Windows desktop. Linux users are able to thrive on what works best through years of experimentation within the given many choices. And under the hood, there are always more options. Some of which people choose to use, some which people choose to ignore, and most importantly, some of which people haven't yet discovered.

Think you are up to my challenge? Don't be shy. Discuss.

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