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Re: [PLUG] Amavis and Spamassassin

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 9:51 PM, Casey Bralla <MailList@nerdworld.org> wrote:
> Anybody using amavis to call spamassassin?

I used to use postfix, calling on amavisd-new to call spamassassin ...

> I'm setting up a new mail server, and want to use amavis to call spamassassin,
> instead of having postfix call spamassassin directly.  I think using amavis
> will be "cleaner" and allow for a central spam account to accumulate all the
> spam for all my users.

You can set it that way, yes.

> I am confused by one point, however.

What, only one? :-)

> I know from previous experience that spamassassin adds the x-spam fields into
> the eMail, and will rename the subject line if you hit the spam threshold.
> However, it seems that amavis also has settings for these same functions.
> Are these amavis settings truly redundant, or does one normally forgo one or
> the other?

The amavis settings override many (most?) of the spamassassin
settings. The recommendation was to use the amavisd-new settings, from
what I remember (I haven't run my own mail server in over a year now).

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