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[PLUG] What is my current shell?

We have an oddball problem.  Is there any portable way to determine
what shell you are using once you are inside a script?

Right now, we are thinking of using
which `echo $0`

As you can see here, $SHELL does not change when you switch shells.
[2:07pm] [shaha:pts/8] [shaha] : /gtc/staff/shaha/work/sortT > echo $SHELL
[2:08pm] [shaha:pts/8] [shaha] : /gtc/staff/shaha/work/sortT > bash
shaha@shaha:~/work/sortT$  echo $SHELL

This is for problems at customer sites where they are using the wrong
Bourne shell on Solaris (/bin/sh) when we want them to use

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