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Re: [PLUG] Verizon FiOS?

On 1/22/09, Floyd Johnson <> wrote:
> I had planned to ask a related question yesterday.
>  Assuming Verizon gets serious about deploying FiOS in Philadelphia
>  proper, how does their FiOS tech support stack up? Namely, are those
>  people more knowledgeable about OS-neutral networking topics than their
>  DSL frontline personnel? I have impressed (and possibly galled) the DSL
>  support staff by knowing more than what they were trained to expect of
>  their "typical" user.

My experience was that the knowledgeable techs at Verizon were all put
on the FIOS side while the Strategically Shaved Monkeys were given
DSL. This is not to say that the FIOS techs were all rocket surgeons,
just that your odds of finding one who tied his own shoes that morning
were slightly better. Note, please, that Verizon will sell DSL without
verifying whether it is supportable in the location, even send you the
self-install kit, and then act puzzled when it doesn't work.

When we switched to FIOS the installer insisted on trying to connect
from one of our PCs to verify, the WD showed him the bash login and
said "go right ahead." I had left a detailed note with the address
that I wanted the FIOS router ethernet port to have and an ethernet
cable labeled "plug me in"  so he followed the instructions and we had
no problems.

The best thing I can say about VZ is that they aren't Comcast.
Remember when broadband was going to be sold by a variety of
knowledgeable vendors in a competitive market? Yeah, me too.
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