Robert Spangler on 24 Jan 2009 09:26:12 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] VPN issues

On Saturday 24 January 2009 08:44, Art Alexion wrote:

>  Robert Spangler's suggestion on another thread reminded me to post
>  these questions about using vpnc.
>  I've been using vpnc somewhat successfully to access the servers at
>  work, not just for emergencies, but also to assist users with day to
>  day issues.
>  That brings up a problem because once the vpn is active, I can no
>  longer reach the Internet to, for example, communicate with them using
>  evolution/exchange.

Sounds like you are VPN'ing directly into the server and the server does not 
allow you to access the Internet.  In my opinion the proper way would be to 
VPN into a VPN Server and then from there go to the other server and/or 
services within the company network.  As long as you are connected to the 
company using VPN your box should not be allowed to talk with anything but 
the company and access the Internet through the companies POA for security 
reasons.  If this is how you are doing things then then the firewall most 
likely isn't allowing connection from the VPN to the Internet.  Talk with 
your network support to get this setup properly for you.

>  And that brings up another problem, how do I disconnect the vpn
>  without brute force killing the process?

If using CLI VPN check the docs on the software that you are using, this 
should be explained.  If you are using GUI there should be a disconnect 



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