Robert Spangler on 24 Jan 2009 19:42:39 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] VPN issues

On Saturday 24 January 2009 15:40, JP Vossen wrote:

>  Ummm, I think Art *is* network support.  And the FW admin.  And the
>  server admin.  I might be wrong though.

Ummm since he didn't say any different I did not want to *assume* anything.  
This whole thing is really the clients call.  While he cannot communicate 
with them via the Internet I am sure the phone still works.  If you require 
this setup then you should first talk it over with the client and inform them 
that while you believe you have covered your bases the possibility still 
exist so that they can make a sound decision.  If you are an employee of said 
company then you need to talk things over with your boos and company security 
before implementing this.  If this is your company then good luck.

I can tell you if I were the client I would require you to not expose my 
network no matter how good/safe you believe you are.

Just because something is easy for you doesn't make it right or safe.



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