jeff on 26 Jan 2009 07:36:00 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Linux Laptop recommendation

Russ Wenner wrote:
> I am looking for recommendations for a laptop computer running Linux
> for some heavy lifting (running VM's, etc).  I would like a laptop
> were everything works out-of-the-box 

Would you like it delivered by Santa or the Easter Bunny?  :)

Dell sells a few laptops w/Ubuntu preloaded, meaning it's also supported 
and things work.

Having said that, I haven't tried any of them.  Only the consumer lines 
come with Ubuntu and I am using a few of their commercial jobbies.  But 
I put Ubuntu on them and they all work so I know they can.

STAY AWAY from smaller than normal laptops.  As cheap as laptops are, 
these are cheaper.  You probably already know this but get lots of RAM.

Good luck.

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