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Re: [PLUG] Sendmail and Blackberrys

On 01/29/2009 Brian Vagnoni wrote:
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> From: Art Alexion
>> > UI, the administration server has no rival in the PDA-phone world.
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> Yes, and BES has no rival in cost either from what I hear.  :-) 

It ain't cheap, but I think it pays for itself.  And you often can get 
it free through promotions.  We did.  If you do this, you have to plan 
ahead carefully to take full advantage of the promo.

BPS handles up to 30 units, and comes with 5 licenses.  It costs about 
$600, and then $100/per user license.

BES handles in the tens of thousands of units, and costs $3000 and comes 
  with 10 licenses (I believe).  Again, about $100/unit license 
thereafter.  Bulk discounts apply, even for "small" bulk purchases.

Verizon gave us a free server and licenses for as many phones as we were 
  getting with our initial order.  My suggestion is to buy as many 
phones at once as you plan to buy 3 months out or so, to maximize the 
free licensing.

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