Brian Vagnoni on 2 Feb 2009 17:09:59 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] FiOS & Linux

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From: John Sladek
> There are no FiOS installation techs sitting in their trucks.  I find
> it
> difficult to get a triple play done in 8 hrs unless everything is easy
> and there are no slow ups.
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Like I stated hit or miss. John I'm sure you are very diligent in your work. I get complaints from customers more that I get praise about Verizon and Comcast personnel. Trust me when I say I'll be the first to give praise(call you super up) when I see it because I know what it takes to do that job. I won't go into the horrible stories here. But I typically get "the person didn't want to work" from customers after I go in. 

Perhaps Verizon personnel are changing their ways. I would certainly hope so being they get a top wage of $28.00 a hour straight time. I'm curious John are you union or contractor? Are you the no layoff union deal, or the temporary worker deal?

You mean to tell me you have never worked with someone at Verizon that fit my description?

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