John Sladek on 3 Feb 2009 15:09:34 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] FiOS & Linux

On Mon, 2009-02-02 at 20:19 -0500, Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> Opps forgot sorry:
> Are you running fiber inside the residence or RG6? 
Fiber to the ONT. Then copper from there on.  

> Are using existing Comcast wire, or running new RG6? 
Yes, we try to use existing coax when ever possible.  We do test the
signal levels to verify they are good at the jacks we are using.

> Are you fishing walls, ceilings, floors, crawl spaces, or just tacking it to the base board? 
Every house is different.  I've done all of the above. I usually try to
go for the cleanest option first.  I've done a lot of wall fishing but
there are instances where It just is not possible.

> VOIP; are you just feeding one phone jack or back feeding to the demarc so the whole house has phone service? 
I always try to run a wire from the ONT to the original demarc and feed
the whole house.  This is preferable because It keeps me from having to
touch the inside wiring which could be asking for trouble in some homes.
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